Access to Justice

The MSSA will build networks with the presiding officers in the judiciary and with officials in the legal profession to communicate an effective and viable process for generating court referred work for the MSSA member.  

MSSA members will be in a position to access a court with the necessary references and credentials to convince presiding officers and legal practitioners that disputing parties need to attend a pro bono pre-mediation session, with a qualified mediator, where the mediation process and benefits will be thoroughly explained to the parties, and their legal representatives.  

In majority of cases the parties will be willing to consider mediation to resolve their dispute first before continuing with litigation. The disputing parties will now be informed of the cost and time benefits of mediation and will most likely be willing to split the mediation cost between them. 

MSSA members will receive all the necessary information, documentation and guidance to handle this process and to increase people’s access to speedy and cost-effective justice. 

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