What to expect from a Mediation Process

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At the start of the process, the mediator will make an initial connection with the parties, where s/he will thoroughly explain the process to the parties. All rules of communication and behaviour will be established.

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Agreement to Mediate and Settlement Authority

The parties will enter into an agreement to participate in the mediation process in good faith, and confirm that they have the authority to enter into a binding agreement.

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The parties need to be aware that all negotiations will be done within the strictest confidence and that only information agreed upon will be shared outside the mediation process, or information required by law to be divulged.

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Joint and Private Sessions

Discussion sessions with both parties together, as well as caucus sessions with the individual parties will take place, to gather information which may contribute to a solution for the dispute. 

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Closing Session

After a successful mediation process, it will be ended off with a signed memorandum of understanding which will later be turned into a settlement agreement or order of the court.

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In-The-Family Mediation Process

During a family mediation process there will also be Voice of the Child sessions and Co-parenting training where applicable. This process will also deliver a parenting plan when underage children are involved.

Mediation Society of South Africa

The skilled mediators in the network are here to assist.  Every successful negotiation requires a sound strategy and an open mind.  Our mediators all have years of experience of helping people come to peaceful resolutions in difficult situations.

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